Wednesday, January 6, 2010

They did the mash... They did the "Mickey" mash!

Fast Forward to Halloween! I do remember blogging about Jeff's Birthday, but I forgot Carter's... He turned one at some point during graduation, but since I have no pictures, you'll again have to believe me! I will make it up to you by displaying how adorable Carter looked at Halloween! We decided to be ecologically friendly and reuse Jeff's costume from when he was one... Apparently Carter did not appreciate that!

I apologize for the video being sideways, I always forget that I can't do that with my camera!!

He wouldn't even show his face!

Kami and Jeff as Ariel and The Wolverine... Betcha didn't know that Jeff was so buff!


Morgan said...

Too cute! Jonathan cried when I put on his costume this year too. And Adam was also buff - he was Mr. Incredible. Maybe this year we will get to go trick-or-treating together!

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