Monday, May 12, 2008

Our newest pictures...

I just had to post these pictures of my little ones, we had them taken here in California because back home in the part of Texas we are in there are no studios, and while I love outdoor photography, my favorite background is crisp white for little kiddos!! Besides, I love The Picture People, so I couldn't pass up this opportunity!! I hope you enjoy them!!

Sunday, May 4, 2008

A Birthday cake fit for a ... Well, a five year old!

For Kami's family birthday party with the Hunts, I decided to try my hand at baking... I am definitely not going to get a job on Ace of Cakes anytime soon! I did, however, make the cake from scratch (no boxed cake mixes here)... also not a good idea! Nevertheless, this was the outcome, a double layer, vanilla filled yellow-pinkish cake! (She wanted a pink cake, I did the best I could!) So what that the cake looks like the San Andreas Fault Line, and that the top layer was two inches short on either side, don't I deserve some points for caring about my little girl enough to make her a cake?! What? I would have been better off buying my cake at the bakery??? Well check this out!! This is what came out of that cake, and by the way... It tasted great! At least according to my eight year old niece Summer, and she knows everything!

Not so bad... huh?!! She loved it, by the way, although I never asked her about the taste... I don't think I will!! Happy Birthday Kami, my beautiful five year old!!