Friday, December 12, 2008

Looks like we will be sticking around!

We tracked this Wednesday, which means we got our latest training assignment! We hoped for the T-1, and we were so excited to get it! That means no changes for at least seven months, which is okay with me! We celebrated with Richard's flight before everyone took their place with their new classes, and Carter and Jeff were the only kids, so they enjoyed the spotlight! Carter even got the privilege of wearing the "Killer Bee of the Week" hat, we were so proud!! (Of course, Richard had to try it on too!)

He looks so proud!

By far, the cutest Bee of the Week!

It even has a stinger!!!

It was great, they had each student stand at attention towards the audience, and then they put a picture of the plane they would be flying on the screen behind them! I was too slow to get Richard's picture!

The Class symbols (or patches), that they wear on their flightsuits!

A Successful Family Home Evening!

Anyone who knows us very well can attest to our strong desire, but our childrens' lack of focus for successful FHE! So my sister Vanessa has been my mentor in using crafts to get the children to focus on Family Night!! This past Monday we used her idea of Button Trees for Christmas to talk to the kids about Jesus Christ, his birth, and why we celebrate! It was fabulous!! So from here on out, our house will be stocked with craft ideas... Anything to get a successful Family Home Evening!

Even Carter joined in on the button fun!
I was so proud of Richard, he never lost his patience!
Look at all those buttons!
I guess I never got a picture of the finished product, but they are super cute! Any more crafty ideas?! Send them my way!!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

We are...

T-6 COMPLETE!!!!!!!!!!!! Richard passed his final checkride in the t-6 today, so we are halfway through the program!! Yea for him, he has worked so hard, and there were times that we thought he was out.... But he made it!! Anyhow, now we wait until Wednesday when we will find out what plane he will fly next... Most likely it will be the T-1 here at Laughlin, but we could move to Corpus Christie and fly the T-44!!! So, that's it!! He did it, three kids, a needy wife, a couple doggy fiascos and a heck of alot of faith!!!! Congrats sweetheart!!

Monday, December 1, 2008

The Great Corn Maze!

Being in the Military definitely has it's perks!! Like free admission to South Texas Corn maze in Beautiful Hondo, Texas!! So a couple of Saturdays ago, we packed up our car and some of our neighbors and headed on over to see just how lost we could get! Turns out a corn maze isn't the place to be on the windiest day of the year!! We ended up dirty and cold... and a little bit corny!! Get it?! Corny?!! Corn maze?!! Ahhh... Nevermind!

Kami showing off her bouning skills on the outdoor bounce floor!

Jeff... not to be outdone!

He is growing up so fast!

Just barely taller than little brother!

Those corncobs really fly with an air compressor!!

We really did get lost... Too bad we didn't have a Garmin!!!

Oklahoma City...

For Thanksgiving we went out to Dallas to visit my dad, and since we were so close to Oklahoma we thought it would be fun to visit some friends who live up there! I am a freak about national monuments, so I couldn't pass up the chance to visit the Oklahoma City Bombing memorial... It was really touching. Here are some pictures, I highly recommend it, but bring the kleenex!

The road went right up to the memorial so you couldn't miss it!

This tree was planted by Bill and Hilary Clinton in honor of those who died...

A solemn statue of Christ stands across the road... At his feet, the words "Jesus Wept"

For every person killed during the blast, there is a glass chair set out on the lawn with their name on it. The smaller chairs were for the children that were at the daycare center on the second floor of the building... Brothers and Sisters, Mothers and Fathers...

The walls represent where the building once stood... There is a time on each wall. 9:01 and 9:03, the attack came at 9:02, changing the lives of these individuals and their families forever.