Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Jeff Turns FOUR!

Four Years Old... My little big guy is already four! I know for a lot of you it comes as more of a shock that he is only turning four... But it's true, he is finally four years old! Who cares that he grew out of size four clothes when he was two, that people think he's Kami's twin, that he'll be taller than her by Christmas... In my eyes, he's just a little guy!! Jeff's birthday fell on a sunday this year, so no big parties, but we took him to Schlitterbahn the day before, and he had a great time! He got to open some fun gifts, and spend the day playing with toys and video games... But still reminds me to this day that I forgot a cake!!! How could I?!!

These cars are a blast... Thanks grandma!

And of course... Optimus Prime!!

I am not sure who wanted this more, Jeff or Richard... Either way, they both love it!


First grade is full of exciting times, and this is one I could not let slip by under the radar! Kami came home from school last week telling me that they were going to be dancing to Thriller for a PTA function, and this was the best part... "Derrick is going to be Michael Jackson mom, since he's black!" She was really thrilled about that last part! It was so fun to see, I wish my camera could have done it justice... It's almost as good as the original! you have to watch Derrick, he's so cute!!
(of course most of the video is of Kami, she's really cute too!)