Saturday, August 30, 2008

And last but not least...

Only two months late (that seems to be my theme these days...) I would like to introduce Carter Quince Hunt! He is tall and skinny (just like I used to be before I had three kids!!) and the cutest thing ever!! I hope you enjoy him as much as I do!!

He's got his pirate face to match his pirate shirt!!

He's helping Daddy cheat at Go Fish!

There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby...

Except when he looks at you with those beautiful brand new eyes!

Important people in the life of Jefferson Hunt!

I found these pictures of Jeff with his favorite friends! I couldn't resist sharing them!

Jeff feeding his cutest cousin Abigail... She wasn't too impressed!

Okay, I actaully don't know who this girl is, but Jeff really took an interest in her!

Nicia, Alyssa and Jeff, how could he not love them?!

Jeff, Elise and Allison... His favorite girls!

Abram and Jeff... They are the LadyKillers!

Jeff and CJ... They had just gotten haircuts, I guess the big thing is blue spikes!

And of course, mommy!! I had better be one of his favorites!

When did I become old enough to have a Kindergartener?!

Alright, it's a week late, but here it is... Kami's First day of Kindergarten! Where did time go? I can't believe she's so grown up! She even rides the bus home! She loves her class, but she says her teacher gets mad alot!! She has to have marshmallows in her lunchbag every day, and we have to listen to Jonas Brothers as we drive to school! So much for Itsy Bitsy Spider, this girl is into real music!! But, she's not too grown up, she still ends up in my bed every night! Any suggestions to remedy that problem?!