Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Summer summer summertime, summertime!

Anyone catch that? That was some old skool Will Smith for you! Our summer was so fast, and so exciting and so.... I don't have any pictures... I think I already confessed that our hard drive crashed, and of course all of our summertime pics were on there so you'll just have to believe me that our summer was great!! I did find one picture on my geek stick... Proof that summer was perfect... Sunburns and tired eyes, could a vacation ask for more?!

And of course our annual Hunt Family picture... That's always an adventure!


Chelsea said...

That's impressive!!! There are only four grandkids in my family and it's a chore to get them all to look at the camera - let alone smile!!! nice work! looks like you guys have had a fun couple of months!