Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Drop Night....

For any of you not in the Air Force, you might not be familiar with what a drop night is... So let me explain! Drop is when your whole pilot training class is put up in front of a room full of mostly drunk pilots and humiliated with stories and anecdotes about the year that was spent in training! Then they proceed to give you your assignment, which is your plane and location. It is very nerve-wracking!! So here it is, Richards drop! Please forgive the mindless laughter and screaming... I have never been so nervous in my life!!!

What, you may ask, and where did that man say we were going? Well, he said C-5, but he never actually said the location... I just saw it on the map (obviously, it was California) and then I started screaming uncontrollably! C-5, Travis AFB!! By the way, it's now January, and we still aren't there!! ;)


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